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Creativity in any art form is often found in how the artist works within the constraints or confines of her chosen artform. Take painting as an example. A painter works with canvases, brushes, and paints to deliver a final product that started in her her mind, traveled to her hands, through her brush, and onto the canvas. Creativity when working with nonprofit data is similar. A nonprofit data artist works with records, tabs, and fields to deliver a final product that started in her mind, traveled to her hands, through her keyboard, and onto the screen or out of the printer. Approaching our work, regardless of what kind of work we do, with a creative spirit is always a good approach. ...

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Excited and grateful to be speaking at the Blackbaud Conference for Nonprofits in a couple weeks! Are you a nonprofit development professional? Want to work more creatively while raising money for your organization's mission? Join me on Thursday 10/11 at 11:15 in room Sun B for Data & The Ask: Creative Portfolio Management. We'll explore the best ways to go from list, to data, to story, to deeper connection with your prospects. For more information visit ...

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