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I'm throwing it WAY BACK on this Throwback Thursday to the summer of 1994 when I worked as an actor and costumer in beautiful Petoskey, Michigan. This ... is certainly an experience I can point back to and say my life was changed for the better because of it. Not to mention I'm looking all kinds of 90's fly in my do-rag. Good stuff! 🎭 I do acting. 💲 I do asking. 💾 I do data’ing. 🗣 I do ...

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It keeps getting better! If day 1 of BBCON was fantastic, day 2 was incredible. And by incredible I mean RE NXT. There are so many exciting features coming in RE NXT that are going to change the nonprofit data landscape. Day 3 kicks off with Bill and Ed's Excellent Raiser's Edge. You know those RE questions you've always been afraid to ask? This session is where you will get some answers and begin to use "mo data" to raise "mo ...

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