Ed can certainly talk – and listen. Whether speaking to a large audience, presenting to a small group, or teaching a class of any size, Ed always engages, entertains, and educates. His topics are equally relevant to nonprofit organizations as well as for profit companies.

Keynote Topics

Truth, authenticity, creativity and connection are at the core of all Ed’s keynote speeches. Whether you are looking for inspiration, motivation, or education, Ed combines all three into each and every one of his keynote presentations. Here are some of his favorite topics.

Acting for Askers™

In this keynote length version of Ed’s full-length program, he shares the ways we are all actors as well as askers and how each can improve the other. A must for anyone who asks for anything.

Big Data, Small Shop

At many nonprofit organizations it seems that there is data data everywhere but not a drop to drink. In this session, Ed shares his top ten data must-haves that every small to medium-sized organization needs to mount successful, effective, and efficient fundraising campaigns.

Everyday Creativi’tay

You don’t need to be a painter, a musician, or an actor to approach your work creatively. In this session, Ed shares his proven methods for infusing creativity and inspiration into everything you do.

Creating Chemistry

We’re not talking about test tubes and beakers here, but it is all about connections and sparks. In this lively and audience-centered session, Ed shares the five most important ingredients for creating chemistry between you and your prospects or anyone for that matter.

In the Moment & Ready for the Future

The ability to stay present is often the difference between a smashing success and a missed opportunity. In this thought provoking talk, Ed explores simple yet creative ways to stay in the moment while maintaining a clear focus on the future.

Breakout Sessions

Need a breakout session? Out of ideas? Ed can work with you to create a custom breakout or small group session for any event. He will collaborate closely with you to build one from scratch or adapt one of his keynote speeches to your specific needs.

Public Speaking Coaching

Personalized and customized one-on-one public speaking coaching and guidance.

In these private sessions, Ed will help you improve instantly with step-by-step guidance, direct feedback, and custom-tailored information based on your personal speaking style and speech content.

Working with Ed to improve my public speaking was an exceptional experience, I immediately felt at ease in our sessions. With great intuition, Ed assisted me in presenting more of myself in my speeches and connecting with my audience.

Stacey Todd

Site Manager of Mobile Site, StoryCorps

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